Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson began making art when he was about 12 years old, creating stop motion films with his parent’s video camera. Unfortunately, these potentially award winning films are now lost. He was trained in painting and photography at an un-prestigious university located in a bad neighborhood of Houston, Texas. The art building was a re-purposed video game arcade from decades past. His paintings from this period are also lost. It’s ok though, because they weren’t very good anyway.

He lived in Austin for a couple of years after school. During this time he co-founded the WAFA artist collective (We Are Fucking Awesome) with some friends in Seattle. WAFA went on to grow into the family of friends that it is today.

He left Texas and spent several homeless months living out of his car and tent, traveling around the USA with his wife. He now lives in Portland, OR, creating works of art inspired by the trees, dirt, water and air of the Pacific NW.