casey anderson

Casey Anderson

Casey Anderson

Casey Anderson is one of the most unpredictably diverse characters among Hong Kong’s emerging deep house DJs and producers. At 28 years old he’s already had a 13-year career in live music, which reaches back from touring his home country of America as a pianist and accordionist in an indie band to today playing deep house across the dark corners of Asia’s underground to providing music direction for artists like David Lynch and Karl Lagerfeld.

Casey’s take on house and techno is based on his deep reverence for the music’s roots – disco, Detroit, krautrock, and the weird side of all things electronic. Ignoring fly-by-night trends and clichés, his DJ sets are playful and unpredictable, more likely to drop classic acid house, Kraftwerk or a Larry Levan 12″ at peak hour than anything on a current top ten list.

It wasn’t always this way though. Growing up in Florida he was obsessed with punk and grungy indie rock like The Pixies and Sonic Youth, completely swearing off those annoyingly repetitive beats. It wasn’t until 2006 when his first chance experience with DJs playing electro overnight on a remote beach in Hong Kong that everything clicked – DJing is about sharing a love of music for as loud and long as possible, and he had plenty of that love to go around. Then on his way home after a year as an exchange student, he swore he would learn to DJ and return to Asia as soon as possible – within a year he was playing top clubs in Osaka, Japan and a few months later he was the closing act at Clockenflap, Hong Kong’s only outdoor music festival. Today the relentless mover and shaker is also co-founder of the party collective Humdrum Hong Kong, and in June launched Typhoon 8 Records with fellow DJ Frederic Neve, one of the first electronically-focused labels in Hong Kong.

Casey Anderson’s long journey through has left him with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of music's past and the sounds of the future, which has landed him something of a music-lovers dream job. At Hong Kong-based Stattus, he’s the music director for some of the world’s most well-known fashion and luxury brands – like an invisible radio DJ, having created soundtracks for some of the world’s premiere creatives.